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Best Daybed Reviews 2020 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Reviewed by Owen

Looking for the best daybed with trundle? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find honest and unbiased daybed reviews of only the best selling and top rated daybed available on the market today.

The interactive daybed charts below will help you make an informative decision about which daybed frame is the best for your needs. Whether you look for a daybed for small room, office or small room, daybed bedding sets, or full size daybed frame this guide will help you find the best daybed for you.

These 8 daybeds crafted by 6 well known manufactures. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, material and weight limit. For more detailed review, you can click on each product headline. The detailed daybed review will give you an idea of the variables to consider when making your choice.

Best Daybed with Trundle 2020 Comparison Chart

Daybed NameSizeColorMaterialPrice Range
Dorel Living Kayden
(Editor's Choice)
Dorel Living Kayden Daybed

Twin / Full

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DHP Manila
DHP Manila Daybed
Twin / FullWhite
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DHP Victoria
DHP Victoria Daybed
Twin / FullWhite
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Coaster Fine Furniture
Mission Style

Coaster Fine Furniture Mission Style Daybed
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DHP Sophia
DHP Sophia Daybed
Upholstered fabricMid
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Fashion Bed Group Casey
Fashion Bed Group Casey Daybed
Twin XLWhite
Honey maple
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Fashion Bed Group Fraser
Fashion Bed Group Fraser Daybed
Twin XLWhite
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1. Dorel Living Kayden Daybed

The Dorel Living Kayden Daybed is an elegant daybed with a solid wood frame and a dark espresso finish. This daybed is a perfect choice for adding a touch of formal elegance to any room.

The nine wooden slats provide ample support for the mattress, thus eliminating the need of a box spring and maintaining a low mattress profile. With 14 inches of floor clearance, the Kayden has plenty of space for storage or an extra trundle bed- sold separately.

dorel living kayden white daybed
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Overall Specifications
Mattress size:Twin
Weight:47.3 lbs
Daybed Weight Limit:400 lbs
Trundle Weight Limit:225 lbs

What We Like

  • The compact size makes the Kayden Daybed ideal for even the smallest rooms in the house
  • With a total weight of 47.3 pounds this daybed is easy to move around once assembled
  • All tools and hardware are included
  • The low mattress profile makes the Kayden an elegant general seating area during the day
  • The 14 inch clearance underneath is perfect space for storage, a trundle, or just clean open space
  • At low price, this is an economical piece of furniture
  • The three finish options make the Kayden somewhat more versatile with complimenting different decors

What We Didn’t Like

  • The elegant, formal style of the Kayden makes it less versatile than other daybed styles
  • The max weight of 225 pounds does not lend well for use as a general seating area for more than one person
  • The weight limit also reduces the use of the Kayden as a bed for larger guests
  • The limited 1 year warranty is not as substantial as many other warranties


The Kayden Daybed is an elegant piece of furniture, well priced and well made. The only real disadvantage is that its style seems to outweigh its function. With a maximum weight capacity of only 225 pounds, this daybed is more for decoration than day to day use.

2. DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

The Manila Daybed is a perfect blend of functionality and style. Constructed with a durable metal frame and metal slats, this bed is strong enough to handle all types of daily use and abuse.

The decorative details and soft white finish create a warm, casual style. This combination of utility and style make the Manila Daybed a perfect choice for almost any décor.

What We Like

  • Combines two pieces of furniture into one- saving both space and money.
  • Has a traditional style, able to compliment most decors.
  • The metal construction makes it very durable and long-lasting.
  • Rolling trundle adds sleep space for a second person without the need for a larger or secondary bed.
  • Rolling feature of the trundle makes it more convenient and easy to use.
  • Locking casters secure the trundle for stability and safety.
  • Can be constructed without trundle and serve as a traditional daybed.
  • Easy to construct- usually able to be completed in around an hour.
  • Sturdy design means that once it is constructed it will never need adjusting.
  • All tools necessary for assembly are included.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Trundle only accommodates twin size mattresses up to 6” thick. Using a mattress thicker than 6” will result in the trundle having a tight fit under the bed rather than the free-rolling fit it is designed to have for convenience and ease.
  • All metal design creates a heavy piece of furniture which will require effort to reposition.
  • Roll out trundle creates a lower sleeping space- ideal for siblings, but less ideal for use in a guest bedroom if entertaining a couple.


The twin size Manila Daybed and twin size trundle is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a versatile daybed that will stand the test of time. Perfect for children and young adults living in smaller rooms.

This daybed provides the maximum amount of function in the minimum amount of space. Easy to assemble, the Manila Daybed will easily fit into anyone’s style and budget.

3. DHP Victoria Metal Daybed

The DHP Victoria Metal Daybed is the perfect daybed choice for adding a touch of elegance to a room. The open metalwork design gives this daybed an antique look to it, while the finial detailing and the classic scroll design create a more feminine charm.

The 15” clearance off the floor makes the Victoria Metal Daybed the perfect choice for an elegant daytime seating area, and the option of twin or full size offers added versatility for use as a bed.

Optional Trundle

With a bottom clearance of 15 inches, the DHP Victoria Metal Daybed is well designed to accommodate a trundle. While a trundle is not included, DHP offers a separate trundle designed to work with any DHP daybed.

The DHP trundle is a metal frame on four locking casters, providing both security and convenience. Simply roll the trundle out at night to add sleeping space for an additional person, and roll it back under the daybed to free up valuable floor space during the day.

Capable of supporting an 8 inch thick twin size mattress, the DHP trundle is capable of providing an excellent night sleep to any guest. Trundle specifications include:

  • Width- 71 inches
  • Depth- 40.5 inches
  • Height- 13 inches assembled
  • 4 casters- lockable for added stability
  • 20 support slats for added durability
  • Accommodates a twin size mattress up to 8 inches thick
  • Maximum weight capacity 225 pounds (including mattress)
  • Assembly time of approximately 30 minutes
  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Color- black

What We Like

  • The metal frame of the Victoria Daybed ensures durability that will last the test of time
  • Elegant scrollwork design will add style to many decors
  • Support slats eliminate the need for a box spring, while ensuring a weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • No box spring gives the Victoria Daybed a classic bench-look for daytime casual seating
  • Open metalwork design keeps the Victoria Daybed lighter, enabling easier positioning once assembled
  • 15 inch bottom clearance allows for additional trundle or for convenient, out-of-the-way storage
  • All tools required for assembly are included
  • Approximate assembly time one hour

What We Didn’t Like

  • Design not compatible with more masculine decors
  • Very mixed reviews of the DHP optional trundle


Overall, the DHP Victoria Metal Daybed is a perfect daybed choice for softer, more refined decors. Ideal for a guestroom or for a girl’s room, this daybed offers elegance and comfort at a very reasonable price.

Available in twin and full sizes, as well as three color choices, this daybed has considerable versatility despite its specific design.

4. Coaster Fine Furniture 300107 Mission Style Daybed with Trundle

The Coaster Mission Style Daybed with Storage is a wonderful example of a utility daybed. Complete with a trundle and three storage drawers, this daybed offers the function of a bed, general seating area, extra sleeping space, and additional storage.

If additional sleeping space isn’t needed, then skip the trundle mattress and use the space for even more storage. Available in black or white, the wood frame design of the Mission Style Daybed is capable of complimenting almost any décor. Perfect for the guestroom or a child’s room, this daybed is designed for the rigors of daily use.

What We Like

  • Simple wood design makes the style versatile for most decors
  • Two color options (black or white) add versatility of style
  • Trundle adds extra sleeping space or extra storage space
  • Three drawers offers convenient, out-of-the-way storage
  • Wood slats provide support for the mattress and maintains low mattress profile
  • Solid wood frame provides stability and durability

What We Didn’t Like

  • Assembled weight of 170.7 pounds means moving the assembled bed is almost impossible
  • No back to the bed means that it has to be put against a wall if used as seating
  • Bed weight limit of 300 pounds makes this daybed less ideal for daytime seating for more than one person
  • Limited 1 year warranty is not as good as some other manufacturers


The Coaster Mission Style Daybed with Trundle is a perfect example of a daybed that maximizes its use of space. With an elegant yet simple design, the versatility of style is equal to the versatility of function of the Mission Daybed.

The only real drawback is the limited weight capacity of the main bed itself.

5. IKEA HEMNES Daybed with Trundle and 3 Drawers

The Hemnes Daybed with Trundle and 3 Drawers from IKEA is solid, simple daybed choice that will bring charm into any room. Constructed with a solid pine frame, the Hemnes can accommodate two twin size mattresses when extended, thus offering the versatility of sleeping one or two people in comfort.

The crisp white, wood frame design means the Hemnes can complement almost any décor. This daybed with trundle and storage have three deep, spacious drawers underneath which provide plentiful storage space for extra daybed bedding sets.

What We Like

  • Can serve as a twin size bed or serve as a virtual king size bed when fully extended
  • The three storage drawers maximize use of space
  • A solid pine frame gives the Hemnes Daybed a maximum weight limit of over 400 pounds
  • The simple yet charming wood design makes this daybed versatile for almost any décor
  • A smooth finish enables simple damp cloth cleaning

What We Didn’t Like

  • With an assembled weight of about 200 pounds, this bed will be very difficult to move once constructed


The IKEA Hemnes Daybed with Trundle and 3 Drawers is a simple, elegant daybed that can accommodate one or two guests and provide plenty of extra storage space.

This is a perfect daybed choice for all-round functional versatility. Its simple design means the Hemnes will compliment almost any décor.

6. DHP 4032459 Sophia Upholstered Trundle – Daybed Sofa

The DHP Sophia Upholstered Trundle Daybed is a simple yet elegant daybed choice. Available in three colors, this daybed is the perfect way to turn any small room into a fully functional living space.

The linen fabric gives this daybed a soft, cozy feel- perfect for curling up with a good book. At night the Sophia provides a solid, comfortable sleeping space, while during the day it provides a fashionable, cozy seating area. Perfect for any contemporary décor, the Sophia daybed sofa is available in grey, navy or tan.

What We Like

  • The wood slat supports eliminate the need of a box spring, keeping a low mattress profile
  • A maximum weight of 400 pounds means this is an ideal choice for daytime seating
  • Three color options (grey, navy and tan) give the Sophia added style versatility
  • The elegant style will bring a touch of class to any room
  • It’s compact size means it will fit in even the smallest of rooms
  • Convenient trundle provides extra sleeping space in an instant

What We Didn’t Like

  • The elegant design makes this less compatible with more masculine decors
  • The backless design means that it needs to be against a wall to be used as daytime seating
  • As with any upholstered daybed, extra care needs to be taken to preserve the fabric


The DHP Sophia Daybed strikes a wonderful balance between design and function. The elegant, almost delicate design belies the sturdiness of the wooden frame design.

Capable of supporting 400 pounds, the Sophia can bring both charm and function to any room.

7. Fashion Bed Group Casey Daybed with Trundle

The Casey Daybed with Trundle is the perfect choice of bed for children, young adults, or for providing comfortable sleeping accommodations for overnight guests. It combines the functionality of a bed with the general seating area of a sofa into one elegant piece of furniture.

Its solid wood construction makes the Casey Daybed a solid, stylish piece of furniture capable of complimenting most interior designs.

Optional Trundle

The trundle feature of the Casey Daybed can serve multiple functions. Its solid wood frame and medium density fiberboard base make it sturdy enough to serve as a bed for younger children.

Alternatively, the trundle can serve as a discreet storage space- able to store any extra sheets, pillows or blankets for the main bed.

What We Like

  • Combines two pieces of furniture into one, saving space and money
  • The style of the Casey Daybed compliments most decors
  • Solid wood construction makes the daybed sturdy and durable
  • Rolling trundle provides versatility and convenience
  • Lacquer finish protects wood from incidental damage
  • Xl twin size accommodates taller guests

What We Didn’t Like

  • Overall weight is 198 lbs. This means that moving the bed once constructed is extremely difficult
  • Size of bed is too large to fit through standard doors once constructed. Thus, the bed will need to be taken apart to move from one room to another
  • Plywood base of trundle reduces weight limit for use as a bed
  • Xl twin size makes the Casey Daybed slightly larger than traditional daybeds, potentially making it a less ideal choice for tiny rooms


The Casey Daybed and trundle is a wonderfully designed, well-crafted piece of furniture. Complimenting decors from rugged to soft country styles, it is as versatile in style as it is in function.

A perfect bed choice for a child or young adult, the trundle can provide subtle, spacious storage for clothes, bedding and other items which usually take up valuable closet space.

8. Leggett and Platt Fashion Bed Group Fraser Daybed with Pop-up Trundle

The solid wood design of the Leggett and Platt Fraser Daybed with Pop-up Trundle makes this a solid, durable piece of furniture designed for many years of enjoyment. Available in three color choices- black, white and walnut, the Fraser Daybed will easily compliment almost any décor.

The XL twin size of the main bed ensures a comfortable night’s sleep for any guest, while also providing a solid, cozy bed choice for the growing child in the family. The pop-up trundle makes this an ideal daybed choice for making any couple feel at home when spending a few nights.

What We Like

  • Solid wood frame makes the Fraser Daybed a solid, durable piece of furniture
  • XL twin size main bed provides sleeping space for taller guests
  • Pop-up trundle creates an even sleeping space for couples spending the night
  • The three color choices of black, white and walnut make the Fraser Daybed capable of complimenting most decors
  • A 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty guarantees the quality of the design and materials
  • The solid design and construction makes this a good choice for daily use

What We Didn’t Like

  • The larger than average size of the Frazer Daybed can make it too large for smaller rooms
  • Weighing 182 pounds, the Fraser Daybed can be difficult to move once fully constructed
  • In order to create a king size sleeping space, the main mattress will have to be equal in size and thickness to the trundle mattress, which is limited to a maximum size of standard twin, 8 inches thick


The Fraser Daybed is a wonderfully crafted daybed, with a solid poplar wood frame providing both durability and elegance. As a larger daybed it offers comfort and options that many smaller daybeds do not.

Still, this should not be a first choice for smaller rooms that would do better with a more compact daybed design

Daybed Buyer’s Guide

A daybed is a piece of furniture that can serve a whole range of functions. From purely decorative to fully functional, the choices can be overwhelming.

This little guide will help inform you of the different choices of daybed to consider, as well as various details which will greatly affect how well a particular daybed will work for you. To start we will consider the three construction types used in daybed frame:

1. Daybed Wood Frame

Wooden frame daybeds offer a balance of style and function. They are characteristically more durable than other constructions. Features include:

  • Durable construction makes these daybeds able to withstand daily use and abuse- usually good choices for children’s beds
  • Able to compliment many decors
  • Designed to be long lasting

2. Daybed Metal Frame

Metal frame daybeds offer stability while keeping a lighter appearance. Less bulky than wood frame designs, metal daybeds can often fit into smaller rooms more easily. Features include:

  • Durable construction, yet lighter weight than wooden daybed options
  • Usually more compact than wooden daybeds, making them more versatile for even the smallest of rooms
  • Usually less expensive than wooden frame daybeds
  • Offers equal and even greater weight capacities than some wooden daybeds
  • Lower profiles make metal daybeds a good choice for more modern or chic decors

3. Daybed Upholstered Frame

Upholstered daybeds offer a look that is both stylish and inviting. These daybeds bring a touch of coziness to any space.

Ideal for daytime seating, these beds are often compact enough to fit in the smallest of rooms, including foyers. Features include:

  • Open back styles are common- creating great daytime seating options in any room
  • Color variations offer versatility for different decors
  • Usually best for guestroom use, as daily use can create accelerated wear and tear on the fabric

Choosing the Right Daybed Mattress

Most daybeds are designed to accommodate a standard twin size mattress. There are several exceptions to this rule, however.  The most common exception to the twin size is the XL twin size mattress.

These daybeds are a versatile choice since they will also take a standard twin size mattress and allow extra space for tucking in daybed coverlet.  It is vitally important that you know the size mattress your daybed is designed to take- especially with regard to the trundle.

While almost all trundles are designed to take a standard twin size mattress, the danger is in buying a mattress too thick for the trundle.  The maximum thickness that most trundles will accommodate is 8 inches.  Any thicker, and you will have issues in moving the trundle into and out of position.

Styling with Daybed Bedding Sets

A daybed is a rare piece of furniture in that it can have an almost unlimited range of decorating options.  Choosing the right daybed bedding sets for your daybed will not only create a style and feel for your daybed, it will create a statement that affects the whole room.

One of the best bedding options for a daybed is the 5-piece bedding set, which include a comforter, daybed bed skirts, and 3 pillow shams.  These 5-piece bedding sets provide a complete fashion statement which creates the basis for the décor of the whole room.

Here are 4 examples of 5-piece bedding sets, showing the range of styles to choose from:

1. Fashion Bed Group Paramount 5-Piece Comforter and Pillow Sham Daybed Ensemble Collection

This 5-piece daybed bedding set is for twin size mattresses only.  The earth tones of this design are particularly suited to metal daybeds with brown finishes, wood daybeds or earth tone upholstered daybeds.

With more of a masculine look, this set is ideal for a boy’s room, a den or a guestroom with an earthier décor.  Available in twin size only.

2. Stone Cottage Trellis 5-Piece Daybed Set

The Stone Cottage Trellis 5-Piece Daybed Set is an example of a more versatile bedding design. Available in aloe (green), ivory or scarlet, this bedding set can complement almost any style and color of daybed.

Additionally, these colors will suit almost any décor, although the style is markedly more feminine. This set is ideal for a girl’s room, any guestroom, and any room that needs a splash of color and elegance.  Available in twin size only.

3. Laura Ashley Amberley 5-Piece Cotton Daybed/Quilt Set Twin

The Laura Ashley Amberley 5-Piece is an elegant and charming set. The gray, black and white color combination of the floral design gives this set a feminine, yet classic look.

Ideally suited for metal daybeds with a black or white finish, the Amberley will bring a touch of refined elegance to any feminine décor.  Available in twin size only.

4. Greenland Home Katy 5-Piece Daybed Set

The Katy 5-Piece Daybed bedding Set is an example of a much more versatile style.  The warm, bright colors of this bedding set will compliment any lively décor with a charm that is neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Ideal for almost any type of daybed, this set will give life to metal or wood frames alike.  Available in twin size only.

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Why You Should Own a Daybed

Daybeds are one of the most versatile, multi-function pieces of furniture you can buy.  Serving as a bed by night and a daybed sofa by day, it really is two pieces of furniture in one.

This two-in-one quality makes a daybed the perfect piece of furniture for a small room where two pieces of furniture would not fit.  The two main rooms where a daybed is an ideal choice is the guestroom and a child’s room.

Advantages that a daybed brings to these rooms include:


A daybed provides seating space and sleeping space in a very small footprint. The compactness of a daybed means that you can get full use out of even the smallest of rooms in your house.

Furthermore, a daybed is a far more elegant alternative to the all too common air mattress that is used for guests spending the night.

Additionally, designed to last many years of daily use, a daybed will outlast an air mattress many times over.  This means that as well as being a more elegant alternative, a daybed is also a more cost effective option to an air mattress.

Child’s Room

One of the greatest challenges with children’s furniture is finding a style that they can enjoy when they are young, but not outgrow down the road.

Daybeds offer a durability and style that are guaranteed to endure the ever growing, ever changing needs of any child.  The multi-function role of a daybed is not lost in the child’s room either.

Indeed, as most children’s rooms are smaller and often oddly shaped, a single piece of furniture that can serve multiple roles is the perfect way to make that space work.

With both metal and wood frames, and styles that are masculine or feminine, the right choice daybed will bring style and comfort to any children’s room décor.

Popular Brands to Consider

Just like with any other purchase you make, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a daybed is the brand.

Some brands offer strong, stylish daybeds capable of standing up to any demands. Others, however, offer less expensive options which may not be as reliable for more intense use, such as in a children’s room.

Other variables that can make one brand more attractive than another include warranty, shipping, customer service and of course price.

Here is a list of 6 of the most common brands of daybed, with a comparison of these variables in an attempt to show which brand is the best fit for you.

1. Leggett and Platt

Leggett and Platt is a respected manufacturer of beds, creating beds that are sturdy and fashionable.  Points to consider include:

  • Longest warranty available- 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Solid construction- featuring the highest weight limits for daybed use
  • Versatile styles- using metal or wood frame designs, Leggett and Platt make beds that can complement any décor
  • Easy to assemble- assembly can usually be done by 1 person in under an hour- all tools and parts included
  • Top rated feedback regarding customer service

2. Fashion Bed Group

Fashion Bed Group is a branch of Leggett and Platt, thus they share the same advantages:

  • 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Solid construction providing durability and high weight limits
  • Versatile styles using metal or wood frame designs
  • Easy to assemble- all parts and tools included
  • Top rated customer feedback

3. Dorel Home Products

Dorel Home Products, otherwise known as DHP, is another reputable daybed brand.  Offering daybeds at a more modest price point, DHP is a good balance between quality and value.  Points to consider:

  • More inexpensive daybed choices
  • Quality construction means the beds are durable and have decent weight limits
  • Stylish designs, using wood or metal frames, fit into any contemporary décor
  • Easy to assemble- all tools and parts included
  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty


IKEA is a brand that almost everyone is familiar with to some degree.  Known for creating solid, reliable furniture, IKEA offers some very reliable daybed options.  Points to consider:

  • Solid construction designed for daily use and abuse
  • Easy to clean finishes- usually requiring only a damp cloth
  • Simple, functional designs- able to compliment many decors
  • Mixed reviews regarding customer service
  • Prices range from low to mid-range. Overall good value for money

5. Coaster Home Furnishings

Coaster Home Furnishings is a good brand to choose for solid, stylish daybeds in the mid-range price category.  Whilst they offer a few options more modestly priced, Coaster specializes in beds that are more substantial in function and price.  Points to consider:

  • Most styles of Coaster daybed offer trundles and storage drawers, making them highly functional pieces of furniture
  • Weight limits are moderate- not necessarily the best for daytime seating for multiple persons
  • Wood or metal frame designs offer styles to fit with most decors
  • Overall positive customer feedback regarding quality and service
  • Easy to assemble- all tools and parts included
  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

6. Dorel Living

Dorel Living manufactures home furnishings of all styles shapes and sizes.  Whilst they do offer some daybed options, those options are limited in style and functionality.

Dorel Living daybeds are best for light use in a guestroom or as an accent piece.  Points to consider:

  • Low price range- good for decorative use
  • Styles are versatile, able to provide good accent to many decors
  • Easy to assemble- all parts and tools included
  • Low weight capacities make these daybeds more stylish than functional
  • Decent customer satisfaction with quality and customer service

Where to Shop for a Daybed

Like with any piece of furniture, it is always best if you can see the piece in person before deciding what to buy.  That said, once you have chosen the daybed you want, any online retailer will usually offer any daybed from any brand.

IKEA is perhaps the only brand that can only be found through IKEA itself.  Otherwise, Amazon, Walmart and any other online retailer usually have daybeds for sale, free shipping and warranty.  Ultimately, the decision rests on who you trust the most among online retailers.

How to Buy the Best Daybed

While we have compared the quality, cost and style of various daybeds and daybed manufacturers there are other variables which will determine which daybed is best for you.

When shopping for a daybed you should always consider the following:

Daybed Buying Checklist

  • Decide which style will best suit the décor of the room intended for the daybed
  • Choose which construction will best suit the style and function you need- wood, metal or upholstered
  • Consider the weight limit you need to achieve. This will determine the type of support you need- metal slats, wood slats, plywood or Link Spring support
  • Pick a color that will compliment your room best- white or black are always versatile
  • Always plan to have a second pair of hands to help assemble. While most of the beds can easily be assembled by one person, a second person is always advantageous.
  • Consider the cost. Most daybeds do NOT include a mattress, so in addition to the bed itself you will need to purchase the daybed mattress and bedding as well
  • Research the brands to get an idea of who will be the most reliable for your needs
  • Read up on customer reviews on Amazon to help predict any potential issues and to assist in making the best choice possible
  • Always weigh the three critical factors- durability, quality, warranty. These three elements will determine whether or not your bed lives up to your expectations for years to come

In Conclusion

Daybeds are among the most versatile pieces of furniture available.  Capable of achieving a whole range of styles and functions, a daybed can be an accent to a room or the very centerpiece of a room.

Use as a bed for a children’s room, where day to day use and abuse is a certainty, or use in a guestroom where it will provide luxurious daytime seating more than anything else.

A daybed has the ability to bring maximum usability to a tiny space, offering sleeping space, seating space and often storage space all in the same footprint.  When you buy the right daybed, it will bring style and function to any room of your house for many enjoyable years to come.

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